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Sydney Speed Supplies has been around since 1980. During this time Sydney Speed Supplies has gained market share through delivering high levels of customer service and products in which are of value. Some brands have been exclusive to Sydney Speed Supplies during  past 30 years; for example Milodon, Speedmaster, Procomp Electronics Motorsport, TurnKey EFI, Procomp Black Label and ProFD. However, in saying that Sydney Speed Supplies also stock MSD, ARP, Clevite, BAE, Moroso, B&M, Edelbrock and other brands in which they deliver to the public at competitive prices.

The primary brand stocked at Sydney Speed Supplies is Procomp Electronics | Motorsport.More about them: Established in 1980, Procomp Motorsport has demonstrated the leadership in this automotive engine replacement market and racing industry. Procomp Motorsport also is a pioneer in manufacturing and wholesaling a diverse range of high performance engine parts for the racing industry. To date Procomp Motorsport have a customer base of 40,000 licensed shops, engine rebuilders, who in turn sell and relabel Procomp Motorsport parts. Some of these include JEGS and Summit Racing and drag racing teams direct.}

Procomp Electronics | Motorsport is a high performance manufacturer dedicated to making both customers and the community better off. We do this by providing customers with two competitive advantages; value and customer service. Because at Procomp Motorsport we believe that a balance between theory and practice is important. Therefore, when it comes to production we compile all the knowledge in both areas in the pursuit of achieving the highest quality of products. This has been made possible due to our generations of knowledge within the high performance car part industry, because through production we have gained masses of explicit and tacit knowledge in which comes with years of manufacturing different products.

However, even though we believe that all the theory in the world is a good basis for the research and development, we also believe that just as much importance should be placed on the track. That is how we learn more about our products, whether it be when we take out our Top Fuel Dragster or daily street driven cars out to the track. Therefore, thanks to test and tune, when it comes to production our engineers are able to identify areas in which could further improve your results, so when it comes to improving your elapsed time, we are able to provide our customers with the confidence and the greatest competitive advantage when staging for a race or going to the grocery shop.

Furthermore, our customers often have access to traditional options but they are looking for the next generation performance company - one that is innovative, honest, and easy to work with. These guiding principles are at the very core of our mission and are the main reason for our success today!

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